Monday, January 24, 2011

JOHN GALLIANO: la vive de la danseur

GALLIANO's INSPIRATION: Rudolf Nureyev, Danseur Noble

Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen  aka JOHN GALLIANO raised the bar for menswear when he showcased his Fall /Winter 2011-2012 line in Paris, France last week. Not only did his theatrical display challenge his competitors to think outside the box; to introduce a fluid paradigm of tomorrow's man, it encouraged the donning menswear field to breath!!

Galliano's inspiration for his F/W 2011 -2012 line was based on the life and career (and economic evolution) of ballet danseur-noble, Rudolf Nureyev.

This look is indicative of a danseurs sophistication at the pinnacle of their success.--Personal Interpretation.

Galliano's pieces reflect the economic stages of growth evident of a successful dancer who is not born into economic prosperity, but one who endures a particular struggle and eventually amounts to one of the best male ballet danseur's of the Soviet Union and around the world.

GALLIANO began his theatrical showcase by  detailing Nureyev's early years: Layers of unsophisticated outerwear, and military-inspired garms.

Later, as illustrated by Galliano's detail in pantsuit evening wear, delicate scarfs and mod-like skinny trousers, Nureyev's post-success lifestyle is chronicled.


                                                                          Rudolf Nureyev's phenomenal story
Nureyev, the passionate danseur noble, lives!!  

Watch GALLIANO'S theatrical RUNWAY of his Fall / Winter 2011-2012 Menswear

Sunday, December 12, 2010


                                          (See clip below) 
DON SWINDLE, a young, talented, music producer from the UK could possibly become the next leading beat maker like the well-known Swiss Beats or (dare I say it) Pharrell Williams. 

Don, who goes by SWINDLE, began his career of producing music at a very young age. He later worked with a few well-known musicians in the UK, that through that experience, afforded him the technical ability he uses today to bring forth the art, in music form, that lies within him.

What's amazing is 1.) how he, the talented, work and 2.) how he, the talented, quickly recognizes space and how it should be filled. 

Watch SWINDLE create a beat. This is the behind-the-scenes construction of a club-banger (we are not often privy to preview). This dude works fast and is particular.

SWINDLE is currently working on his debut album.  He is also the founder of his self-titled business, Swindle Productions. 

We, here in the US wish this dude the best of luck and increased opportunity!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010



It is not too often that we the world are blessed to privy the mind of such genius talented young artists and influence-rs such as Jean-Michel Basquiat!! Today I dug deep and got into the grit of Mr.Jean-Michel Basquiat... The Lover of knowledge, interpreter, desensitizee and modern day prodigy child, and was enlightened and motivated to LIVE LOVE.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in1960 in New York City, NY to a Puerto Rican mother and a Haitian father. He was the eldest of 2  siblings and was a trilingual resident of Brooklyn, NY, who, communicative-ly, was fluent in French, Spanish, and English. He apparently new at an early age that he was interested in art and the expression of thought through painting  and drawing. It has been written that JMB displayed a very intense aptitude for art at a very young age.

Without finishing high school, JM Basquait began pursuing the influence he'd later have on the world, by entrepreneuring and self-promotion of his talent. He began selling self-made postcards of his artwork, which became the official break-away and dissolve of SAMO, a collaborated group of artist (JM Basquiat and Al Diaz) who'd graffiti sayings around New York, that resembled the symbolism-like poetry, Jean-Michel indulged in throughout his earlier years. 

With the success of these post-cards, came notability throughout New York City. So much so, he began to develop relationships with highly influential people who, with fairness (some that is) recognized his intelligence, wit, and talent--and went their necessary mile to further connect him to various resourecs, that would immediately, help Jean-Michel Basquait become very wealthy.

Jean-Michel befriended many influential artists within the world, including Andy Warhol. Mr. Basquiat's relationship with Andy Warhol was one to be admired. He grew fond of Mr. Mr. Warhol mutually adored Jean-Michel Basquiat. They were known to be very close friends and as told by one-other, admired the others work immensely.

Jean-Michel Basquiat accomplished more by the age of 20 than most people do over a 70-80 year life span.

Although passing at a young age Mr. Basquiat became known as one of the most influential artists of our time. He left behind thousands of paintings and drawings. He was also very well-known althroughout Europe, and there has been several exhibitions and retrospectives done on his behalf after his passing.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radient Child and Downtown 81 are two pieces of filmwork that allow deeper insight to the artist and person Jean-Michel was.
Apparel Company's such as Reebok have taken on the artists designs for some of their product.
Love these :-)

Some say that Jean-Michel's anatomy inspiration in akind paintings is dereived from the book Gray's Anatomy, by medical professional Henry Gray which was given to Jean-Michel by his mother in his adolescent years while being hospitalized from being hit by a car. Jean-Michel later formed a music band named GRAY (see song clip below).

Part one of Three (Life Synopsis)

Short Interview w/ Jean-Michel

Song by Jean-Michel's Band, GRAY "So Far So Real."

Friday, November 12, 2010


BOYS, lets get straight to it!
Tired of the same ol' lame Fall boots? 

Year after year are you back to the store for the "Not So Fancy," Fall boot to simply get you through the rain, snow, and sleet of the season?

Well, the days of routine and nonsensical style choices are over! TRY SOMETHING NEW!! 


My suggestion to those of you who are not sure what to look for, to try youtubing ( Menswear AW 2010. Select a designer (random) and dig in!!  For those of you style-conscious enough (and I dare add exciting) to explore trend options... you already know what's in this season... & the boot is it!!

However, because most  have already resorted to a military inspired or weathered brown, worker boot, it wouldn't hurt to look outside the box to find something that closely relates to your personality.
H by Hudson Yorke Leather Strap Suede Boot
Laced Up Buckle Boots
Deepstyle (Designer: Lee Hwa Young)

Trust me, with the internet at your fingertips, you're bound to find a drool-worthy pair that complements your personal sense of style!                  

Again, do not be afraid of resorting to the internet for shopping!! I find that it's currently, the modern way to go when you are at a trend or style-conscious deficit with the material you find in your local town boutiques or malls... (and too, it could open up a whole other can of discounts :-)
And when all else fails..... GET CREATIVE ;)

My very own: Gold Studded Military Boot
(Los Angeles based Designer) 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


It goes without saying that my ultimate style icon, for many years, has been Pharrell Williams, famously known for both his solo projects and being member of the top record selling, modern-phunk, alternative band, N.E.R.D.!

Here is a video of their BEHIND THE SCENES chronicle, which includes song roster for their upcoming album: NOTHING, scheduled to hit stores on ELECTION DAY *AMERICA* 11.2.10

Having been to Amsterdam, Paris, London, and NYC (which I believe are all captured in this chronicle) from style standpoint, the group could've gone harder in showcasing the true quirky-like-ness of the group that really sets them apart from most bands, while in these cities.

TOO, it would've been good to have had the volume pumped up a bit during the songs playback, while narration occurred. That would've a better quality showcase of what to expect on the album.

Not of "NOTHING," it's totally worth considering. 


Checkout the behind the scenes photoshoot for "NOTHING."

Monday, October 25, 2010


What's often overlooked, but oh, so great about Fashion is that it is largely interpretive and advanced by influence. That said, this post is just as important for the fellas as it is for the ladies.

Proenza Schouler, womenswear clothing design and woman accessories label name is derived by coupling the maiden names of the mothers of the labels' designers, Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez. This line is their official collaboration and is retailed as that under their particular label. Both Jack and Lazaro (as seen below)met in design school (Parson's, New York) and has both worked with other designers of like aesthetic: Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. They are currently based in New York, and are admired for their edgy/grunge take on the modern girl. In addition to online retail, Proenza Schouler is also sold in Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstroms, and of course, online.

To better package and illustrate their Fall 2010 collection, the label elected to employ a few girls in Tennessee. While chronicling the girls behavior they showcase their collection, line, vision, and inspiration.

I am in love with this video because aside from the great cloths, it speaks to the inner-spirit of the teenager who is raised on the rougher side of tracks, but who equally shares a  fashion sense of her elite counterparts, and furthermore, dreams to someday inhabit the world and become largely influential.

I am over-the-top elated by the fact that they chose to cast 4 black girls for this part. We live in an age of fashion where diversity isn't so common, and by that, doesn't fully represent the world; buyers and/ or endorsers of these designers, who we allow to set tone for what our fashion sense will be per season.

Watch the video, Enjoy the chronicle, Look at great cloths.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not in any way, a promotion of over-stressed, media populated stereotypical behavior. I as an African American, am immediately sensitive, alert, and conscious of negative portrayals of  ethnic groups, in the media, and furthermore, the exploitation of any-one's life-style/ living behavior--as a means to further promote consciousness for or not for-profit business and barter.

I ask that viewers who choose to watch this look pass the color of the 4 girls for a deeper truth, but too, see that they are in fact African American. I ask that viewers realize that "dreams," are not exclusive to those without color, or lacking it, furthermore. Dreams are for everybody; Dreams inspire and motivate folks of all walks of life.

THE LINE THAT STANDARDIZES THIS PIECE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY IS: "It's just us against the world." -The dichotomy in that is that the thought is a universal one, yet, here, in this piece, strongly indicative of the assimilation necessary to even have a chance at the battle--against the world.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It's not often that I stumble upon women shoes that I consider drool-worthy, but behold.... I offer you, the world of MCQUEEN!!!

For those of you who didn't know, there was once a divinely talented courturier and fashion designer by the name of Alexander McQueen. Alexander, a London born designer, inspired the world of fashion, and within that arena, during his time of occupance, shaped and influenced the world of fashion we live, eat, and breath today.

That said, and suddenly saddened by the thought of his physical mind and body's passing,  I am delighted to see that his dream and vision(s) were represented on the runways of the various Fashionweeks.

WOW, is all I can mouth at the below....

Take note, ladies: Admittingly (or not), a gentleman appreciates a well-dressed woman... rocking funky footwear.