Monday, September 27, 2010


Now that the weather's picking up, it will be a good time to take a look into your closest for a few of those pieces that are synonymous with the season: Shorts (no), Raincoats (perhaps) Flannels (YES).

Flannel has always been a staple in the menswear wardrobe for the FALL season. It can be worn however you like, as long as it is fashionably done (that shirt around your head thing... it's oh, so last season :). (photo left: Band of Outsiders)

Because of its softness, durability, and ability keep your body warm, it should easily become a go-to component of your FALL attire. Billy Reid has employed the material for business suits, pants, and sport coats (see below).

For a casual look at the office, try pairing flannel pants with a fitted button-up collared shirt, solid colored (try rolling the sleeves mid-forearm). Wearing a wristwatch could add depth to this fit. Funtionally, it would help you keep track of your busy day...and /or track of your lunch and E.O.D. (end of day). Not judging :)

A few desigeners have taken eye to the stock and with their creative touch, have produced some interesting pieces that are jaw droppingly appropriate for both work and play.  

Pictured right, designer, Billy Reid uses flannel slacks to complete an office look that is both fashionable and Fall savvy. The flannel pant pairing is endless in this case; the neutral color lends versatility to a basic fall slack.  

Below, you'll find a comfortable oversized flannel hoodie. It's smart and will keep you warm while navigating your city.
The fashion forward print sets the tone for a stylishly-
warm errand day.

Whatever the pairing, be sure to check your comfortablilty gauge...that should exceed all. Equal to comfort should always be FIT.

Levi's Fall 2010 Loobook (photo right) gets creative with their styling of flannel... it too, is worth consideration.  

Fall is here...enjoy your flannel!


What is flannel?

Flannel is a warm fabric of various degrees of weight and fineness. It is a plain-weave cloth heavily brushed for softness. Flannel is often used in apparel and sheets, and can be made of cotton or wool. The brushing process creates insulating air cells that provide more warmth than plain cotton. From the Welsh word gwlanen, or "wool," flannel has become a fabric staple for cotton pajamas and robes, men's shirts, bedding and has become a favorite of quilters all over the world. (random internet search, articulated well ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Introduction: Kwamwei "The Male Stylist."

                                                                                     Hello, Good People :-)

Welcome to Kwamwei, "The Male Stylist," blog :) I'm a wardrobe stylist, born in New York, but currently based in Los Angeles. I've decided to blog after many moons of contemplation....and desire to share my perspective of "style," within the arena of fashion.

This blog will showcase a clean/ chic perspective of menswear, by a Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist. And, everything else in between (can't help m'self).

I have an appreciation for all things pretty; handsome; spunky, and chic. I consider everything.... absolutely everything (even grassy knoll) so don't think it strange if you see a post of womenswear... or anything opposite of what you may think this blog will be about.

I'm a quirky, expressive dude, who's easily excited about the uniqueness of "world," I inhabit. 

So, enjoy the ride....

Here's my world of beauty and my lips.