Monday, October 25, 2010


What's often overlooked, but oh, so great about Fashion is that it is largely interpretive and advanced by influence. That said, this post is just as important for the fellas as it is for the ladies.

Proenza Schouler, womenswear clothing design and woman accessories label name is derived by coupling the maiden names of the mothers of the labels' designers, Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez. This line is their official collaboration and is retailed as that under their particular label. Both Jack and Lazaro (as seen below)met in design school (Parson's, New York) and has both worked with other designers of like aesthetic: Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. They are currently based in New York, and are admired for their edgy/grunge take on the modern girl. In addition to online retail, Proenza Schouler is also sold in Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstroms, and of course, online.

To better package and illustrate their Fall 2010 collection, the label elected to employ a few girls in Tennessee. While chronicling the girls behavior they showcase their collection, line, vision, and inspiration.

I am in love with this video because aside from the great cloths, it speaks to the inner-spirit of the teenager who is raised on the rougher side of tracks, but who equally shares a  fashion sense of her elite counterparts, and furthermore, dreams to someday inhabit the world and become largely influential.

I am over-the-top elated by the fact that they chose to cast 4 black girls for this part. We live in an age of fashion where diversity isn't so common, and by that, doesn't fully represent the world; buyers and/ or endorsers of these designers, who we allow to set tone for what our fashion sense will be per season.

Watch the video, Enjoy the chronicle, Look at great cloths.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not in any way, a promotion of over-stressed, media populated stereotypical behavior. I as an African American, am immediately sensitive, alert, and conscious of negative portrayals of  ethnic groups, in the media, and furthermore, the exploitation of any-one's life-style/ living behavior--as a means to further promote consciousness for or not for-profit business and barter.

I ask that viewers who choose to watch this look pass the color of the 4 girls for a deeper truth, but too, see that they are in fact African American. I ask that viewers realize that "dreams," are not exclusive to those without color, or lacking it, furthermore. Dreams are for everybody; Dreams inspire and motivate folks of all walks of life.

THE LINE THAT STANDARDIZES THIS PIECE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY IS: "It's just us against the world." -The dichotomy in that is that the thought is a universal one, yet, here, in this piece, strongly indicative of the assimilation necessary to even have a chance at the battle--against the world.

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