Monday, January 24, 2011

JOHN GALLIANO: la vive de la danseur

GALLIANO's INSPIRATION: Rudolf Nureyev, Danseur Noble

Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillen  aka JOHN GALLIANO raised the bar for menswear when he showcased his Fall /Winter 2011-2012 line in Paris, France last week. Not only did his theatrical display challenge his competitors to think outside the box; to introduce a fluid paradigm of tomorrow's man, it encouraged the donning menswear field to breath!!

Galliano's inspiration for his F/W 2011 -2012 line was based on the life and career (and economic evolution) of ballet danseur-noble, Rudolf Nureyev.

This look is indicative of a danseurs sophistication at the pinnacle of their success.--Personal Interpretation.

Galliano's pieces reflect the economic stages of growth evident of a successful dancer who is not born into economic prosperity, but one who endures a particular struggle and eventually amounts to one of the best male ballet danseur's of the Soviet Union and around the world.

GALLIANO began his theatrical showcase by  detailing Nureyev's early years: Layers of unsophisticated outerwear, and military-inspired garms.

Later, as illustrated by Galliano's detail in pantsuit evening wear, delicate scarfs and mod-like skinny trousers, Nureyev's post-success lifestyle is chronicled.


                                                                          Rudolf Nureyev's phenomenal story
Nureyev, the passionate danseur noble, lives!!  

Watch GALLIANO'S theatrical RUNWAY of his Fall / Winter 2011-2012 Menswear

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