Sunday, December 12, 2010


                                          (See clip below) 
DON SWINDLE, a young, talented, music producer from the UK could possibly become the next leading beat maker like the well-known Swiss Beats or (dare I say it) Pharrell Williams. 

Don, who goes by SWINDLE, began his career of producing music at a very young age. He later worked with a few well-known musicians in the UK, that through that experience, afforded him the technical ability he uses today to bring forth the art, in music form, that lies within him.

What's amazing is 1.) how he, the talented, work and 2.) how he, the talented, quickly recognizes space and how it should be filled. 

Watch SWINDLE create a beat. This is the behind-the-scenes construction of a club-banger (we are not often privy to preview). This dude works fast and is particular.

SWINDLE is currently working on his debut album.  He is also the founder of his self-titled business, Swindle Productions. 

We, here in the US wish this dude the best of luck and increased opportunity!


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