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From the Spring Summer 2011 Runway of  Mercedes Benz Fashion week, we find Andrew Buckler making a style statement, as he offers to the world THE BUCKLER MAN!

Andrew Buckler, designer of BUCKLER, began his work many years ago.  His menswear fashion line, full of the American casual, but with a Brit edge, aesthetic, launched in 2001. His cloths, since then, have been known to embody the essence of a confident metropolitan man.

"THE BUCKLER MAN," is quite confident and isn't afraid to play with color. He is a direct, straight-forward symbol, who knows what he wants, and wont settle for anything less. The Buckler man a "go-getter," but a well dressed kind of way.
He is also diversely complex: he wears business above the belt, while play, enjoyably, rests below. Not only is he comfortable with his sexuality, but he wears his cloths in a very sensual way….styled perfectly; He’ll make you look twice.

The Buckler men come in all shapes colors and sizes. It is the attitude of a man, that determines his degree of "Bucklerism." It's the attitude that says: " yeah, I know you see me.... -wink- "

Impressed with pieces from Andrew's Spring Summer 2011 Buckler line, I'd encourage every man secure a piece....or allow such style to inspire you, at least.
New York City:
Meatpacking district : 13 Gansevoort St. New York, NY 10014-1601 (212) 255-1596

For more information, visit BUCKLER via the web:

Mercedes Benz Fashionweek (NYC)

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