Thursday, September 23, 2010

Introduction: Kwamwei "The Male Stylist."

                                                                                     Hello, Good People :-)

Welcome to Kwamwei, "The Male Stylist," blog :) I'm a wardrobe stylist, born in New York, but currently based in Los Angeles. I've decided to blog after many moons of contemplation....and desire to share my perspective of "style," within the arena of fashion.

This blog will showcase a clean/ chic perspective of menswear, by a Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist. And, everything else in between (can't help m'self).

I have an appreciation for all things pretty; handsome; spunky, and chic. I consider everything.... absolutely everything (even grassy knoll) so don't think it strange if you see a post of womenswear... or anything opposite of what you may think this blog will be about.

I'm a quirky, expressive dude, who's easily excited about the uniqueness of "world," I inhabit. 

So, enjoy the ride....

Here's my world of beauty and my lips. 

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